CAA Lead Hazard Control Program in Lenawee in Full-Swing

Community Action Agency nets lead grant — CAA (@CAAJLH) November 13, 2019  Great article sharing information about the Lead Hazard Control Program at Community Action Agen...

Community Action Agency Strategic Plan Announced

Community Action Agency Strategic Plan Announced at Annual All-Staff held at The Centre in Adrian on November 8th. From a Mission Statement Refresh to our Four Focus Areas of Housing, Community Develo...

Bridget Griffith Named CAA's 2019 Peer Award Winner

Bridget Griffith was named the 2019 CAA Peer Award Winner. The award was announced at the CAA All-Staff November 8th, held at The Centre in Adrian. She was nominated by Family Advocate, Ashl...

Community Action Agency Committed to Increasing Trauma-Informed Awareness

​Nice information shared by The Daily Telegram about the organizations working together to spread information about Trauma-Informed practices.

Is This a Scam?

As the 2020 Census gets closer, we are expecting copycat surveys and other questionable contacts to happen.

Shriver Center on Poverty Law Helping Change on a Larger Level

 A short look at what the Shriver Center on Povert Law is doing. They share,  "Using litigation and policy advocacy to affect change where it is needed most."  On the forefront of shift...

Early Head Start Home Visit

This week,Early Head Start Specialist, Emma Schaff, worked with Josiah and his mother on helping build and improve motor skills through fun games.

An Escape From Poverty

​An escape from poverty TED Talk.

New Poll: Most US adults intend to participate in the 2020 Census, but some demographic groups aren’t sure


A new poll came out last week by the Pew Research Center that shows that 98% of Americans are aware of the Census, and 84% definitely or probably will participate.

A Census Undercount Likely Cost Detroit $1.3 Million for Childhood Lead Prevention


In 2017 — four years after the start of the Flint water crisis — health department officials found dangerously high levels of lead in the blood of more than 1,600 children under the age of six in Detroit.

Huntington Senior Financial Empowerment Event

​Huntington Bank hosted a Senior Financial Empowerment Event at Reed Manor on September 26th. Huntington was joined by Community Action Agency and Jackson Housing Commission staff to present informati...

Poverty Forces People to Surrender Their Pets. It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way.

There are all kinds of stereotypes about the people who give up their pet to a shelter: They got tired of the dog after it wasn’t a cute puppy any more

The Shutdown Shook Faith in Government Jobs, and That’s Bad For Everyone


The federal government has reopened after the longest shutdown in history, which caused federal workers to miss two paychecks and cost the economy $11 billion dollars

So You Want to Tax The Rich: A How-To Guide

Taxing the rich has been a hot subject of late thanks to a few Congressional Democrats.

Burnout Is a Capitalism Problem, Not a Millennial One


Over the weekend, the New York Times ran another iteration in the conversation about millennial burnout, this time focusing on the hustling economy

D.C.’s High Housing Costs Pushed Me In and Out of Homelessness for 30 Years

Everyone always forgets about apartment building laundry rooms.

Your Ultrasound Isn’t A Car. Why Are You Told To Shop Like It Is?

When my doctor suggested an ultrasound for the pelvic pain I was experiencing, my first question was “How much will that cost?”

For Low-Income People, Generosity Is A Survival Tactic

If you aren’t one of Renee Rushka’s neighbors in Bethel, Connecticut, you probably don’t know about the chain of events that took place there this past December.

A guide for parents involved in Michigan's child welfare system

As a parent, you want your kids to grow and develop into successful adults. Providing a stable and safe home is an important part of doing that. But families aren’t the only ones who are responsible for making sure kids are growing up in a safe environment.