100% Programs at CAA

Want to make sure that 100% of your donations go to helping neighbors in your community?

 Community Action Agency has several programs that 100% of the donations go to helping your neighbors in need.

Warm the Children

Warm the Children campaign buys new, warm winter clothing for area children in need. The program is for children who live in households that the income falls below the poverty line, and are ages 0-16 years old.  The families are given the dignity and ability to choose which items they need and want most. The money is also spent locally.


The Heat-a-Home program is an emergency fund for people who are experiencing home heating related emergencies.With the lengthy and variable Michigan winter climate, there will always be a need for home heating and heating assistance. Although winters can be mild, temperatures may drastically drop overnight causing an increased use of fuel to heat a home. Emergencies also can occur. For example, a person's bills may include vehicle payments, medical and prescription expenditures, rent and utilities. A community resident may be forced to pay the medical and prescription bills first, leaving little or no money left for their home heating bill.

Unmet Needs:

Unmet Needs are items that are not able to be purchased through specific program guidelines. They are often items that fall through the cracks, workboots, birth certificates, bus passes, cleaning supplies for individuals who previously we homeless and are now moving into their own apartment, diapers, formula, etc.

You can specify your county and ensure it remains in your community. For more information call Kate Lambert Lee at 517-784-5185 or email: klee@caajlh.org