Homeless Prevention & Assistance



The Homeless Prevention/Emergency Shelter program assists Jackson and Hillsdale County residents at risk of housing eviction. The program provides early intervention for those at risk - before a crisis escalates into the last stages of the eviction process.

Participants may receive assistance with utility arrearage, rent/mortgage arrearage, security deposits, payment of first month's rent and other unmet needs. The program also provides landlord tenant mediation services to Jackson County renters at risk of eviction and to landlords seeking to resolve a short-term crisis with their tenant(s), thereby avoiding evictions.


The Housing Advocacy Programs are projects which provide homeless participants a chance to have stable housing, increase their skill levels, and eventually become self-sufficient. These programs target, but are not only for, women with children and victims of domestic violence.

Who Is Eligible?

People living in an emergency shelter, living in a car or on the street, fleeing domestic violence, or have an eviction judgment from the court system.

Individuals receive intensive case management services, and in some cases, direct financial assistance with first month's rent and/or additional rental assistance during the transition from homelessness to permanent housing. This ensures that the barriers the family faces do not overwhelm the families’ resources, forcing them back into homelessness. Through this program, the housing advocate works with clients to increase their skills, so that eventually they will develop the resources to maintain their housing on their own.

Included in the resources to be provided are literacy training, financial, consumer and budgeting skills, and conflict management training. Those that successfully make the transition to permanent housing and take advantage of this life skills training have greater self-determination. Clients are required to identify and work on goals to remain in the program.  

For more information call:

517-784-4800 or 1-800-491-0004 email Laura Reaume lreaume@caajlh.org in Jackson County.
517-437-3346 or 1-800-750-9300 email Clint Brugger, cbrugger@caajlh.org  517-263-7861 or 800-438-1845

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