* This program is only available in Lenawee County


Community Action of Lenawee County provides programs to empower migrant workers who seasonally tend farms in the area and may need information regarding health care, immunizations, literacy and translations. Migrant Outreach Services provides the following services to people in Lenawee County: Health Information and Screening Compartiendo La Infomacion Sobre La Salud y Pantacion W.I.C. (Women, Infants & Children) Sevicios Para La Mujer Y Su Bebe Conflict Resolution Prevencion De Discusiones Emergency Aid Asistancia de Emergencia.

Who Is Eligible?

Migrant families in the local migrant communities.

Success Stories

The Migrant Outreach Services program collaborated with a team of volunteer students from the University of Michigan and certified 200 migrant farm workers to handle pesticides. This certification not only increased the pay per hour for each worker but also provided extensive education and awareness in the health hazards of pesticides.

Fast Facts

To provide medical aid, Migrant outreach Services takes a weekly health clinic to the migrant camps in Lenawee County during the summer months.

Lenawee County has 7 migrant camps.

Last year, volunteer doctors and health care staff from the U of M donated 568 hours, and provided more than 112 doctor patient visits, 76 prescriptions, 5 X-rays 4 lab tests, 9 pairs of glasses and 8 dental visits worth more than $40,000 to the migrant population.

Q & A

Q: What is the purpose of Migrant Outreach Services?
A: To provide general health services and information to migrant workers in local migrant communities in Lenawee and Monroe counties.

Q: What are problems and issues that migrant workers may have?
A: Stress, anxiety, family problems, infant/parent issues and basic needs such as food and clothing. Migrant Outreach workers will go into migrant camps regularly and will work with other organizations to make sure needs that can't be directly handled within our agency are referred to the appropriate resources.

Q: What other migrant organizations are there?

A: CAA is active in the Migrant Resource Council, Blessed Children of the Land, Children’s Special Health Care Services, Lenawee County Health Department, Lenawee Community Mental Health, Farmworker Legal Services, Workforces Development Agency, Blissfield Migrant Education, Telamon Adrian Migrant Head Start, Macon United Methodist Church, St Mary’s, Lenawee Great Start, Sunny Side Center for Peace & Justice.

For more information email: cbrugger@caajlh.org or contact Community Action Agency
at 517-263-7861 or 800-438-1845