YouthBuild offers education for young adults 16 to 24 in Jackson, Michigan. To be eligible for YouthBuild participants must have left school, are in danger of leaving school or are in situations like homelessness or are living in circumstance that challenge their ability to gain an education.   

Everyone who applies for YouthBuild must complete Mental Toughness Camp. Mental Toughness Camp is an all-day weeklong program. During the Mental Toughness, participants will learn program rules, expectations and respect. All activities promote communication, showing individual skills and strengths, and understanding real leadership.      

Those who are asked to join YouthBuild will receive a stipend (income) based on their own successful attendance/participation in school and in occupational skills training. Students begin with a weekly stipend. Each student has the possibility for performance-based raises every two months until reaching the maximum stipend.

A YouthBuild education offers several sought-after skills that are needed to fill many of the open jobs throughout Michigan. These jobs offer good wages, benefits and the opportunity to advance in the workplace.

YouthBuild would not be possible without the generous collaboration of Jackson Habitat for Humanity. Two homes will be completed logo GJHFH transin the Partnership Park Neighborhood. These new, affordable, quality homes will be purchased by a Habitat approved family. The Habitat Family is required to learn homeownership responsibilities. Classes in personal finances, mortgages, maintenance and upkeep of homes is also required. Lastly, each family must work alongside students building sweat equity in their home. This partnership not only teaches construction skills but an understanding of personal responsibility and the challenges and resilience of the Jackson community.

Graduation from Community Actions Agency’s YouthBuild program is a path to an apprenticeship program.  In today’s work place, an apprenticeship is a combination of on the job-training, coursework and mentoring while earning a wage. Yes, working while learning.

Types of Apprenticeships

  • Milling
  • Tool and Die
  • Machinist
  • Carpenter
  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Gas Utility Worker
  • Refinery Operator

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